Effect of TENS, electrical stimulation

What does electrical stimulation do?

In sexual intercourse or masturbation the genital area / the nerves are stimulated "mechanically" due to friction.

E-stimulation stimulates the same areas with electrical impulses.

Is electrical stimulation dangerous?

Danger with e-stim toys is only a thread when the unit is used carelessly. All units are powered by a 9 volt battery that cannot produce high currency.

Though there are at-risk groups who should not use TENS devices.

A electrical nerve stimulator is not to compare with an electric shock  by a socket.

All offered products origin from the medical sector and are certified.

You dont only purchase a device just for erotic purposes, these electrical nerve stimulators
can also be used in pain therapy.

How does electrical stimulation feel?

This depends on the setting of the electrical nerve stimulator.

Low to high amperage, high impulse-repetition frequency = gentle to strong tingling /vibrating

Low to high amperage, low impulse-repetition frequency =  gentle to strong throbbing / pounding.

Amperage and impulse-repetition frequency can be adjusted stepless and stimmulation may be varied according to your taste from gentle/soft over intense all the way to strong / painful.

The effect also depends on the size of the electrodes. The smaller the more intense.

Try for yourself.


Are the wires incommoding ?

Usually not.

The electrodes are attached to the skin, the devices usually have a clip to attach them i.e. to a belt. The electrodes are very light the weight should not even be recognized.

Does electrical stimulation bring you to an orgasm?

Definately YES!

When using an electrical lovetoy three things are improtant. joy while experimenting, patience and practice. In E-stimmulation "practice makes perfect" is commanded.

Has electrical stimulation negative or dangerous side effects?


As long as the electrodes are plugged in properly nothing can happen
Warning: At-risk groups!

If there is a sensibilty to the electrodes gel or the adhesive on the electrodes, skin irritations can occur, but all adhesives are dermatologically tested and should be skin-friendly. 

We exclusively sell products manufactured in germany for the medical scetor - no chines products manufactured  just for sex shops.

Which are the erogene zones for erotic E-stimmulation?

Placement for him:

- the gland
- the shaft
- the penis base
- the scrotum above the testicles
- the perineum - the area between anus and scrotum
- the sphincter
- the prostate
- Buttocks and inner thighs


Placement for her:

- the inner and outer labia
- the vagina
- the perineum - the area between anus and vagina

- the sphincter
- Buttocks and inner thighs